Mathematics department of the Shillong College came into existence at the time of inception of the college in 1956 with the founder Principal (Late) Shri Sudhindra Ch. Datta, an eminent mathematician and author of popular book on Mathematics, managing affairs of the department in addition to his administrative work along with some part-time teachers like Shri Prithwis Dutta, Shri A. Chakraborty and others. Shri Bankim Chandra Goswami joined the department on 29th March 1963 and then Shri Kalyan Kr. Choudhury on 15th July 1965 to be followed by Smt. Subhra Dhar in 1969. Dr. Hrishikesh Dhar joined in 1972 and the group of four teachers managed the department for several years till Dr. Bipul Shyam Purkayastha joined the Department in 1987. But he soon left the job to join an assignment in Assam University, Silchar and in his place Shri Dikes Shadap joined the department on 9th November 2000. Some other teachers also joined in the intervening period but left but their own career advancement and hence the department had to take the help of part-time teachers for many years. Shri Bankim Chandra Goswami retired from services in 2001 (as Vice-Principal) and in his place Shri Mardor Wanri Synrem joined the department on 1st September 2003. Shri K.K. Chaudhury retired from his long service in 2003 and in his place Shri Spainborlang Kharchandy joined the department on 1st September 2003, also Smt. S. Dhar retired in 2005 and in her place Shri Boringstill Diengdoh joined the department in 2005 but soon left the post to assume new assignment as Lecturer in District Institute of Educational Training (D.I.E.T.),Govt of Meghalaya, and finally Dr. H. Dhar retired from service in 1st April, 2009. However Smt. J. Rivulet Gidon joined the department on 1st July 2008 in place of Shri Boringstill Diengdoh. On 18th June 2009, Shri Borometer Nongbri has Joined our department in place of Former Head Of Department Dr. H. Dhar on 17th June,2009. The Department of Mathematics is proud to keep in record that Dr.H.Dhar who has retired from services in our college in 31st March 2009 has resume another assignment as a Professor and Head of Department at The B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur, West Bengal from May 2009. Honours Course in Mathematics were started in the year 1966. The number of students admitted to the course is very encouraging and the result was also very outstanding. The department is also associated with the Commerce, Arts Stream and also assisting the Professional Course like Bachelor of Computer Application.

NameEducational Qualification

Working since


Shri D. Shadap (Head)

M.Sc. (NEHU)
M.Phil.(Periyar Univ.)
Shri M. W. Synrem

M.Sc. (NEHU) M.Phil.(Madurai Kamraj)
Shri S. Kharchandy

M, Sc. (NEHU)

Smt. J. Rivulet Gidon

M.Sc. (NEHU) M.Phil.(NEHU)

Shri Barometer Nongbri

M, Sc. (NEHU),

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