Goals and Objectives of the College:


  • To provide quality education to all aspiring students through meaningful academic and professional courses 
    keeping in mind the special needs of the economically, educationally and socially disadvantaged segment of 
    the society. 
  • To inculcate knowledge and need-based work skills so that the products of the college find themselves prepared
     for employment and self-employment avenues as and when required.
  • To help students to discover and tap their fullest potential through appropriate co- andextra-curricular activities
     leading to integrated personality-development in order to become responsible and productive citizens of the
  • To encourage and promote moral, secular, scientific and nation-building values so that the students respect, 
    protect and nurture the rich composite culture of the country and of each of its constituent units.
  • To create awareness, concern and care for environment by gearing various collegiate activities to sustainable
     environmental practices encompassing the State's land, water, flora and fauna.