Library Membership


The following are eligible to become members of the College Library:

1. Teachers, Students, and other employees of the College.
2. IGNOU Teachers / Students enroll with the college.

Procedure for Enrolment

All applicants are to fill in and submit the prescribed forms which can be downloaded from the official College website after making the necessary caution fee deposit to become members of the College Library. Members will be given Library Borrower’s Card for borrowing books.

Termination of Membership

Members intending to terminate their membership shall return all the books borrowed, and on surrendering the Library Borrower’s Card to the library.

Caution Fee Deposit

A student who wants to enroll as a member of the library is required to deposit a one time caution fee of Rs. 1,000 (One Thousand) only. The fee deposit is refundable to any students at the end of their final semester exams or at the request of the student on certain academic ground.

Refund of Caution Fee Deposit

Students are advised to produce the counterfoil of the money receipts during application for library clearance. The caution fee is refundable only on production of a “no dues” certificate from the Librarian.

Library Membership Form Download