To bring an attitudinal change in our students, to boost their confidence, to expose our students to the happenings around them, to heighten their sense of belonging, the botany Department, Shillong College felt the need to form a platform in the form of the Botanic Club. The Motto of the Botanic Club is ‘Learn, share and grow’.


Article I: Name

The name of the club shall be the ‘BOTANIC CLUB’, Shillong college.

Article II: Objectives

The object of this club shall be to collect and diffuse information on all topics relating to botany and to promote an interest among the students and teachers, in this science. Besides that, it proposes to cover topics which would be of great help in personality improvement.

Article III: Members

All members must be active members of the society. Membership from the students shall be encouraged. Elected officers of the club shall consist of an adviser (Ex-Head of the Deptt), President (Head of the Deptt), a Vice President (A senior teacher),aCorresponding Secretary (Teacher), Joint Secretaries(students), Recording Secretary (Teacher), Joint Recording Secretary (student), Treasurer (teacher) and a Field Assistant (Lab Assistant). These Officers shall be elected biennially, shall hold their offices for two years or until others are installed in their places. The Treasurer, Corresponding Secretaries, and recording secretaries are each elected for a two-year term and maybe elected to serve up to four years.

Vacancies occurring in any of the offices of the Club shall be filled unanimous decision of the Members. The person so elected shall serve until the due term, or until a successor is chosen.

Article IV: President

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and shall appoint all committees not otherwise provided for.

Article V: Vice President

In absence or disability of the President, his or her duties shall be performed by the Vice President, and in the absence of the latter, another office bearer shall serve, the order of precedence being that indicated in article III.

Article VI: Treasurer

The Treasurer shall collect and have charge of all funds and securities of the Club. Such funds shall be used to pay the ordinary current expenses of the club and such other sums as may from time to time be ordered. The treasurer shall render a report of the finances at the Annual Meeting, or oftener if requested, and at any other time desired.

The Treasurer has charge of the Club Seal.

The Treasurer shall collect all funds derived from subscriptions, advertising, and sales of the Magazines, Journals and Memoirs.

Article VII: Secretaries

The Corresponding Secretaries shall have charge of the Charter, Constitution, and By-laws of the club, shall give due notice of all meetings, conduct the correspondence of the Club, and prepare all letters to be written in its name, retaining copies of them. These secretaries shall serve as Chairperson of the Programme committee and perform such other duties of a similar nature as may be assigned by the club from time to time. The Corresponding Secretaries shall provide updated copies of the Constitution and By-Laws of the club to all members upon request.
The Recording secretaries shall keep full and accurate records of proceedings of the club, receive the membership list from the Treasurer, notify each member of the Club, and perform such other duties of a similar nature as may be assigned by the club from time to time. The Corresponding Secretaries shall forward meeting minutes to the Corresponding secretaries who will include them wit the announcements of the next Club Meeting.

Article VIII: Journal/ Magazine & its Editor

The Editor shall have final editorial authority over all publications of the Club and appoint associate editors subject to the approval of the club.

Article IX: Manager of Publications
The editor of Publications shall be responsible for back issues of the journals, memoirs, and other publications. The Editor shall also collect all funds for these publications and turn them over to the Treasurer.

Article X: Name of the Souvenir

Article XI: Quorum
Six members of the Club shall constitute a quorum.

Article XII: Members
The membership of the Club shall consist of active members of students (Honurs and pass), teachers (from deptt. of Botany and other Deptts) and others.


Article XIII: Dues

The dues of all Classes of membership shall be fixed by the Club.


1. Time and Mode of Selection
The President in October, shall select a slate of candidates to consist of Officers or Bearers subject to the approval of the Club. This slate will be presented to the club at a regular meeting in November, where any active member of the Club may be selected. All selections shall be consulted by the Club as to their availability for
office. All Officers shall enter upon the duties of their respected offices immediately after the close of the annual meeting.

2. Meetings
Unless otherwise determined by the President, the regular meetings shall be held on the first Tuesday or alternate date if deemed necessary by the programme Committee throughout the year. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.
3. Order of Business
The following shall be the order of Regular business at all meetings of the Club except at the Annual meetings:
Reading of the minutes of the last meeting

  •  Election of new members and announcement of resignations, if any.
  •  Reports of Committees, if any
  •  Deferred business
  •  New business
  • Scientific programme.

At the Annual Meeting, the order of business shall be as follows:

1. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting

2. Election of new members and announcement of resignations, if any.

3. Reports of Officers, Delegates and representatives

4. Reports of standing committee

5. Announcement of projected Activities

6. Deferred business

7. New Business

8. Presidential address.
4. Standing committee
The Standing committee shall be as follows:

1. Programme committee

2. Field Committee

3. Flora and Vegetation committee

4. Wall display Committee

The programme Committee, chaired by the Corresponding Secretaries shall arrange for the scientific Programme of the meeting for the Club during the year.

5. Field committee
The Field Committee shall select the dates, places and other details of the field trips and publish notices of the same.
6. Flora and Vegetation committee
The Flora and Vegetation committee shall report on significant changes in the flora and vegetation which occur within the vicinity of Shillong College, and Shillong as such, and which may be of general interest to the Club.
7. Donation
A record shall be kept by the Treasurer of the source, nature and description of each Donation.
Name and Style of the Club : Botanic Club
Year of Foundation : 2003
Motto of the Club : Learn, Share and Grow

The present Office Bearers of the Club:


Adviser : Mrs. R. Sarkar & Mrs A. A. Ahmed
President : Mr. S.K. Roy
Vice President : Mrs. M. V. T. Marwein
Secretary : Mrs. D. Kharshandi
Assistant Secretary : Mrs. D. Lyngdoh
Treasurer : Miss. A. Lyngdoh
Field Assistant : Mrs. Florida Kharlukhi
Student Representatives :1st Year 2nd Year 3rd