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The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College was established, along with all other science departments, on 22nd July 1963 under the supervision of the founder Principal, (Late) Shri S. C. Datta. In its infancy, the department had a modest beginning when Dr. P. V. R. Rao (Lecturer, Lady Keane College) was looking after the department as a part-time teacher and later joined by Shri Kalipada Nath as the Demonstrator. The department got its impetus when Shri Puroshottam Deb joined in March 1964 and shaped the department with his innovative style and led from the front till his death in 1989. Dr. S. K. Gupta took over as Head of The Department and served in that capacity till his retirement on 31st January, 2006. Shri Teibim Jala Kharbhih took as Head of the Department when the department took many new programmes and expansion activities. However, he expired prematurely on 26th November, 2012, and consequently Dr.Manabendra Nath Bhattacharjee was designated as Head of the Department. At present, the department has six regular staff and one part-time guest lecturer. Apart from their normal routine duties, the lecturers in the department are also involved in other extra-curricular activities in the College like research activities, organizing seminars, conferences, etc. Dr (Ms) D. L. Buam has completed two research projects under the UGC Minor Research Project. Dr. C. Masharing has also completed one UGC Minor Research project and Dr. (Smt.) Badaker M. Laloo working one such project currently. Apart from this the faculty members of the department has a number of College Level Minor Research Project with them. The Department has a well-equipped laboratory, a computer with internet facilities, the laboratory has a capacity of about 50 students, and the laboratory attendants, Shri Remilan Kharkongor and Smt Klestina Warjri remain engaged in keeping the laboratory tidy. The department started the Honours courses in Chemistry in 1986. The teachers of the department are dedicated and take keen interest in shaping the student community towards a bright career prospect. The Department of Chemistry has organised a National Seminar on “Recent Advances: Exploring Chemistry for Human Welfare” on 30th and 31st July 2015 where a number of renowned chemists and academician from different part of the country provided meaningful inputs through lively discussions.

NameEducational Qualification

Working since


Research /Publication  
Dr.(Smt.) D. L. Buam, Head

M. Sc. (NEHU) Ph. D. (NEHU)

Shri Kenneth Umdor

M. Sc. (NEHU)

Dr. Cheerfulman Masharing

M. Sc. (NEHU) Ph. D. (NEHU)

Dr. (Smt.) Badaker M. Laloo

M. Sc. (Delhi U), Ph. D. (NEHU)

Dr. (Smt.) Barisha Wahlang

M. Sc. (NEHU)

Ph. D.(NEHU)

Smt. L. PathawM.Sc





Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Eligibility-H.S.S.L.C/12th Std. or Equivalent Examination in Science having Chemistry (45% marks in Aggregate and 50% marks in the subject in which Honours to be offered)

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