The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was formed on 16th June 2004 as per the NAAC guide lines as a post –accreditation quality sustenance measure. Since inception the cell is constantly involved in enhancing and maintaining the standard and quality curricular and co-curricular activities of the College. Proposals and recommendations accepted in the meetings of the cell were directly forwarded to the principal, which are then placed in the managing committee meetings for approval and implementation. The following is the summary of the various meeting held over the period and important recommendations forwarded :

1. IQAC meeting held on 10th August 2004 proposed the following:

(i) To Install computers in the science laboratories with printers

(ii) To provide Internet connection to all the computer facilities including computer deptt., office and the science laboratories.

(iii) To introduce ICT in class room teaching a LCD projector be provided in the
computer deptt.

(iv) To introduce computer literacy programme for the teachers ,students and non-teaching staff of the college

(v) To explore the possibilities for introducing statistics as optional subject in the under graduate courses.

IQAC Report : All the above recommendations were implemented.

2. IQAC meeting held on 23rd September 2005 proposed the following:

(i) To have more space the teachers common room be converted as the girl students’ common room with attached facilities.

(ii) Since the office is going to be shifted to the new building (block-B) teachers’ common room may be shifted there with attached facilities and a ladies rest room. The room adjacent to this be converted into examination control room and NAAC activity room.

(iii) To make facilities like Gymnasium and Indoor table tennis room at the basement of the new building.

(iv) To establish the Health Care centre with at least the basic facilities like first-aid and appointment of a qualified health worker.

(v) To replace the existing Xerox machine in the Library by a more efficient high performance machine.

(vi) To explore the possibilities of introducing the subjects like Sociology as an optional paper in B.A course and Microbiology honours in B.Sc.

IQAC Report: All the above except sl. No (iv)have been implemented, it was assured that health centre would be done in near future.

3. IQAC meeting held on 17th October 2006 proposed the following:

(i) To replace the wooden black boards in big lecture halls by good quality green boards made of synthetic fiber.

(ii) To explore the possibilities of introducing coaching classes for various competitive examinations like civil services, staff selection commission, bank recruitment, etc.

(iii) To train and develop soft -ware for computerization students data like admission, fees abstract , examination related data, publication of results, scholarship, etc.

(iv) To construct concrete brick wall between hall-2, hall-3 and hall-4.

IQAC Report: Partial computerization of the college was achieved, other items could not be implemented due to reasons beyond control, assured to be done in near future.

4. IQAC meeting held on 19th march 2008 proposed the following:

(i) To establish the Women’s Cell.

(ii) To constitute the Building Committee.

(iii) To reconstitute the Library advisory committee.

(iv) To reconstitute the Grievance-redressal cell.

(v) To forward proposal to the UGC(NER) for construction of Womens’ Hostel under the XI plan.

(vi) To forward proposal to the UGC(NER)for introduction of career oriented
certificate course in computer applications.

(vii) To provide emergency exit passage between old building(Block-C) and new building(Block-B).

(viii) To construct sitting gallery for the basket ball court.

(ix) To install a silent generator .

(x) To appoint a full time teacher for teaching Environmental studies at the UG level.

IQAC Report: All the above were considered .

5. IQAC meeting held on 2nd March 2009 proposed the following:

(i) To explore possibilities for organizing Seminar/Conference/Workshop/Symposia by the academic society, women’s cell, literary circle, Zoonic Circle and other permanent units of the college.

(ii) To engage private security agency for campus security.

(iii) To constitute Steering Committee for reassessment and reaccreditation by NAAC and to begin the process if updating profiles of departments.

(iV) To constitute the research committee to facilitate research activities by students and teachers.

IQAC Report: All the above have been considered in a phased manner and a few are still in progress.

6. IQAC meeting held on 9th July 2009 proposed the following:

(i) To re-forward the DPR concerning construction of Separate building for Self financing courses, multipurpose hall, additional class rooms, Boys’ hostel, Canteen expansion, etc. to the Ministry of DoNER through the DHTE, Govt. of Meghalaya.

(ii) To organize a talk on ‘Guidelines for reassessment and reaccreditation of Under Graduate Colleges’ to be delivered by Prof.K.S.Lyngdoh, President ,Shillong College Governing Body.

(iii) To provide access to ICT learning facilities for students and teachers at least 5 Computers with internet connection be installed.

(iv) To encourage departments with already installed computers and internet connection to consult free e-books available.

(v) To submit proposal to UGC(NER) for introducing short term Course on Functional Hindi.

IQAC Report: All considered in phased manner.

7. IQAC meeting held on 13th April 2010 proposed the following:

(i) To introduce the coaching classes for competitive examinations, short term course in functional Hindi, remedial coaching for weaker students.

(ii) Women’s Cell and other departments to organize Workshop /Training programmes on RTI, Women’s reservation bill, Rain water harvesting, Environmental conservation, Disaster management, Human rights, etc.

(iii) To form the Art and Culture Cell for setting a gallery showcasing indigenous cultural heritage.

IQAC Report: All accepted activities are in progress.

8. IQAC meeting held 20th July 2010 proposed the following:

(i) To welcome the visiting NAAC Peer Team and extend full cooperation.

(ii) To consider installation of Wi-Fi system.

(iii) De-linking of+2 level to be examined.

(iv) The Coffee-corner to be furnished suitably.

IQAC Report: Sl.No.(ii) and (iii)