“Reasserting Basic Sciences” – ISBN 9789383252794 (2016) – proceeding of International Seminar on “Attracting Best Talents in Basic Sciences” held on 24th and 25th July, 2013 - released on 26-02-2016.


“Computer Science – Few Newer Perspectives” – ISBN 9789383252800 (2016) – proceedings of National Seminar on “Emerging Trends in Advanced Networking and Cloud Computing” - held on 31st October and 1st November, 2014 – released on 26-02-2016

“Venturing into Research and Innovation” – 2015 - Compilation of abstracts of Ph. D. and M. thesis of all qualified teachers of the College and also report of the MRP and College Projects– compiled and published by Research, Publication and Innovation Cell, Shillong College.


(Mrs.) Ailynti Nongbri - “PROCESS OF STANDARDIZATION OF KHASI LANGUAGE”, 2012, published by Ri Khasi Book Agency, Shillong, and released on 21st December, 2012.



Sankar Sarma and Ajay Mitra – Book entitled ‘FUNDAMENTAL OF INSURANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT” - Global Publishing House (India), ISBN: 978-93-81563-18-2 (PB); ISBN 978-93-81563-19-9 (HB), 2013.

The book is suitable for all the undergraduate students taking courses in insurance and risk management. Its content has been supported with a good number of keywords and annexure. The book has been specially designed keeping in view the curriculum of the insurance courses in various institutions of the country.

K. D. Ramsiej – “THOUGHT AND REALITY A Critical Study of Hegel’s Philosophy” – 2013 - This book is an attempt to re-appreciate Hegel’s Philosophy – the great German idealistic philospp0her. The author has tried to decipher the meaning and context of what has been said by Hegel and argued cogently how the ideas of Hegel is similar to those of Wittgenstein. ISBN-13: 978-81-8069-955-9 and published by Concept Publishing Company(P) Ltd., New Delhi 110059

(Smt.) Evakorlang Kharkongor – “BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT” – Taxman Publications Pvt. Ltd. ISBN: 978-81-7194-784-3, (2013)

Women’s Wide Canvas – Issues and Challenges.

ISBN:978-93-83252-45-9, 2015.

The book contains a collection of various women-related articles, with a spectrum of subjects from poetry to sociology, to the dynamics of politics and economics, science, law, education and others. As the title suggests, it tries to reveal the different colours of the role and status of women in the Northeast with special reference to the state of Meghalaya.


ISBN Publication, 2012 (ISBN: 9789380261669).

 (Proceedings of the National Symposium on “GREAT
DEPRESSION OF 1930S AND PRESENT GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELT DOWN – IDENTIFYING THE COMMONALITIES AND LESSONS THEREOF”, held on 25-26 June, 2010, at organised by Shillong College Academic Society and Shillong College,Shillong).