The “Techies Club”, which is a Departmental students’ club, was formed in 2006. The main objective of this club is to allow students to expand their activities beyond the normal classroom interactions and sessions. The following shows the organizational profile of the club:

          • Advisor (Teacher)

          • Treasurer (Teacher)

 • President (Student)
 • General Secretary (Student)
 • Publicity Manager
 • Members (Students)

The club collects a maintenance fee of Rs. 10 per month from the members. The amount is utilized for various activities the club conducts. Activities include holding social gatherings such as the Freshers’ meet, the Farewell meet etc., academic activities such as holding seminars, paper presentations, holding programming competitions, conducting Orientation courses on basic computer applications etc. all for the benefit of fellow students of the department and of the college in general.

The following enumerates the contribution of the Club:

• The Club Conducts Computer Awareness Courses for the students who do not have computer as one of their subjects.

• Conducting Computer Awareness Camps to the  under previleged students of Rural Meghalaya.

• Maintaining the Bulletin Board with up to date articles

• Active Participation in Inter College Competitions like debates,sports etc.