Zoonic Circle

The contribution of zoology in the day-to-day life of humans and other living beings on this earth is overwhelming.

Zoology paved the ways and means for the development of modern medical science concerning human and animal body. Other branches of science like chemistry, physics, botany, mathematics and others of course surround the science of Zoology. The present system of learning is however inclined towards applied aspects of Zoology which is important; nevertheless the fundamental knowledge is even more important to device application. Keeping this view in mind the students of the Zoology Dept. Shillong College, proposes to form a club to generate interest among them to take up and study Zoology at the fundamental level and make them aware of the current development in this science. Such exposure will make us not only to educate ourselves but create academic and intellectual environment at home and at the place where we work/study everyday.


To educate ourselves on the fundamental Zoology and update our knowledge through various activities like

1. By organizing seminars.

2. By organizing popular talks.

3. Group discussions.

4. Exhibition.

5. Tracking recent developments through newspaper, magazines, journals and the Internet.

6. Organizing fieldtrips/ study tour to the places of interest.


Chairperson- Principal, Shillong College (Permanent member)

President - Head of department of Zoology (Permanent member)

Vice president - One post, elected/nominated from 3rd year Bsc.Zoo (H)

Secretary - One posts, elected /Nominated from 2nd year Bsc.Zoo (H)

Joint secretaries – Three posts, one elected each from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Bsc.Zoo (H)

Treasurer- One post, elected from 1st year Bsc.Zoo (H)

Secretary for publicity and publication - One post elected from1st year Bsc. Zoo (H)

Secretary for bulletin board - One post elected from 2nd year Bsc. Zoo (H)

Executive Members - Four members, three from the teachers of the department and one from 3rd year Bsc. Zoo (H)


Every year after students are admitted in the 1st year Zoo. Hons. Course, the 2nd year and 3rd year students will organize reception for them and a new body is to be formed to take over. Secretaries’ annual report, Treasurers financial report are to be presented in the meeting. Normally the President will preside over the meeting

Any and all the students taking Zoology Hons.are the members of the club, all the faculty members including laboratory attendant will be the members of the club. Any or other students or teachers interested in the science of Zoology may also become a member. Memberships are of two types—Annual membership and Life membership.

Collections of subscriptions of membership fee:

1. Annual membership fee Rs.50 to be collected which is to be renewed every year. This is to be revised according to the situation.

2. Life membership is ten times (i.e. Rs.500) that of annual membership.

3. Funds may also be received from college authority, NGOs, and government and non-government departments for organizing special programs.

4. Fund is to be maintained in a Nationalized Bank, which will be operated jointly by President, Secretary and treasurer (either all or any two).