Department of Economics


The Department of Economics, Shillong College came into being since the time of establishment of the College, i.e., in the year 1956. There were only three teachers in the beginning, (L) Prof. K. L. Choudhury, Prof. T. Moitra and Prof. R. Bhatacharjee. In those days Economics and Political Science was clubbed together as one subject and was called Political Economy. Economics as a subject was introduced only in the year 1963 where a full fledged Department of Economics was created and honours in the subject was also introduced. Since then the department has been catering to the needs of thousands of students taking economics both as pass course and honours subject.

The Department

(L) Prof. K. L. Choudhury was the Head of the Department since its inception and later became Principal of the college in 1991. He continued in the post until his retirement in the year 1995 after putting 39 years of dedicated service to the college. Prof. T. Moitra became Head of the Department in 1991 and later took charge as Vice-Principal in 1995 until his retirement in 1999. From a humble beginning, the department is able to make good progress in catering to the academic requirements of the students’ community of Shillong in particular and the State in general. The department had been offering both general and major courses at the degree at the degree level in both Arts and Commerce streams. Besides, the department is also taking up classes XI and XII in both the disciplines. The intake of students in the major classes has been increasing over the years and it has reached the maximum number of 30 during the last two years. The cut-off marks for admission to first year B.A major is normally fixed at 60% although in some years relaxation has to be made due to certain considerations. Academically the performance of students both in the plus two level and degree courses is satisfactory. However, taking the quality of students and their socio-economic background into consideration it can be said that the performance of the department has been very satisfactory. All this is due to the untiring efforts and total commitment of the faculty members who has been showing extra care and concern for the students’ community so that they are able to make it to their expectations and become meaningful citizens of our country.

The Teachers

The Department has at present six young teachers (including one who is on leave) specializing in the various branches of economics such as Development, Environment, International Trade, Quantitative Technique and Public Finance. The teaching experiences of the faculty members ranges from 9 to 18 years. Two of the teachers had completed their Doctoral Degrees in the year 2001 and one is undergoing the Phd. Programme. All the teachers are sincere, hard working and dedicated. There is complete trust and faith among the faculty members. There is also close co-operation and co-ordination in the discharge of any duty or responsibility. Any difficulty or problem that arises is solved through discussion and consensus. There is a lot of teamwork and sharing of responsibilities and duties. All these qualities and attributes have helped the department to improve its performance over the years especially in terms of students’ performance which is indeed very satisfactory.

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Dr.(Smt.)E. Kharkongor


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