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Women’s Cell

The concerns that women have to be equipped with the capacity to act and impact have been recognised not only in India but in the rest of the world. The UGC has also emphasized the setting up of women’s Study Centres and Women’s Cells in order  to promote women’s development . More importantly, it is reflected for the first time in the planning process, wherein the objective of the Eleventh Plan “towards faster and more inclusive growth” recognizes the differential needs of all women. Consequently, attempts have been made to guarantee their rights and entitlements with an intention to ensure their capacity building. This can only happen when women are granted autonomy in decision making and recognizing them as agents of sustained economic growth and change.

Hence to provide a platform, to create opportunities, to build and shape leadership qualities among the students,  Shillong College established a Women’s Cell on the 3rd of April, 2009 under the dynamic initiative of the then Principal, Dr. Mrs. M.P.R. Lyngdoh. Two months later, on the 19th of June, 2009, a formal inauguration of the Cell was held. On this day, Women’s Cell, Shillong College organized its first ever deliberative and interactive session entitled, “Women and Leadership”.
The main thrust areas of the Cell are as follows:

  1. To adopt programmes and activities that will enhance self esteem and self confidence in women students.
  2. To develop rational, cognitive skills in women students, so as to help them make informed choices in areas like education, employment and health.
  3. To aid in capacity building so as to help women students in dynamic decision making.
Founder Members:
Coordinator: Dr M. Dey
Convener: Dr. (Mrs) E. Kharkongor
Joint Convener: Dr (Mrs.) S. Khyriemmujat
Members: Dr. H. Iangrai, Dr. (Mrs) A. Nongbri, Dr. (Mrs) S. Pandey, Smt. I. Kharkongor, Smt. W.C.K. Sohliya, Smt.S.R.J. Khongwar &  Smt. P. Das.  

Present Members:
Convener : Smt.  I.S.Warjri
Joint Conveners: Smt E. N Dkhar, Dr(Mrs) A Nongbri, Smt.S Khongwar
Members: Smt. V.R. Solomon, Smt. L.D.Marak, Dr. S Pandey, Smt. J.R.Gidon, Dr. B.M.Laloo, Dr.G.J.Dkhar, Smt. W.C.K.Sohliya, Dr. J.P.Biswas, Smt D.Kharchandy, Smt. B.M.L.Wanswett, Smt. O.L.Syiemlieh, Smt.I.M.M.Umlong, Smt. K.G.Nengnong, IQAC Representative.