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Anti Ragging Committee

In 2009 the college adopted the UGC Regulations on curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions. As per this decision the College constituted the Anti Ragging Cell in 2013 comprising of the following members:
  • Convener :Dr. (Smt) D.L.Buam , Department of Chemistry
  • Joint Conveners: Smt P. Khonglah, Department of Management , Smt A. Basaiawmoit Department of English
  • Members:  Shri L. M.Pariat, Department of English
  • Shri G.R.Rumnong, Department of English
  • Shri Snarmon Lato, Department of Physics
  • Shri P. Kipgen, Department of Commerce
  • Dr. B.P. Tripathi- Department of Philosophy
  • Smt. W.C. K. Sohliya, Department of Management
Anti-Ragging Cell will be the monitoring agency in preserving a Ragging Free Environment in the college Campus. The main objectives of this cell are as follows:
  1. To make the students aware of the dehumanizing effect of ragging.
  2. To keep a continuous watch and vigil over students so as to prevent the occurrence and recurrence ragging.
  3. To promptly and stringently take up the incidents of ragging brought to notice.
  4. To generate an atmosphere of discipline by sending a clear message that no act of ragging shall be tolerated and any act of ragging shall not go unnoticed and unpunished.
The Cell in order to implement its objectives had implemented
  1. The mandatory filling up of the Anti Ragging undertaking by every student taking admission.
  2. The setting up of an Anti Ragging Monitoring Squad along with the help of representatives of SCSU (3/2 Discipline Committee representatives) to monitor the student behavior during the admission process and at the beginning of every academic session.
  3. The IQAC facilitated the Anti-Ragging Cell to create awareness about anti-ragging activities and used the Orientation Programme of 1st Semester students as a platform to generate awareness amongst the students.
Following the UGC guidelines notification received in 2018 and as per the suggestion of the Cell the Anti Ragging Committee was reconstituted to comprise of
  1. The Anti Ragging Committee, as the supervisory committee and
  2. The Anti Ragging Cell, as the monitoring committee.
  • Anti Ragging Committee
    • The Management had on 30th September, 2021 reconstituted the Anti Ragging Committee to comprise of the following:
      • Chairperson - Dr. (Mrs) E Kharkongor, Principal
      • Member- Shri. K,D. Roy, Vice Principal replaced by Shri B. Syiem, Vice Principal
      • Convener of the Anti Ragging Cell- Smt. A Basaiawmoit
      • Media Representative- Shri L. Nongspung, Reporter Shillong Times
      • Representative of the DM- Ms. D.V. Lyngdoh, MCS
      • Police Representative- Shri B Jyrwa, DSP replaced by  Shri D. Khyriem, MPS, DSP(Hqr)
      • NGO Represenative- Smt A. Sohtun, Women’s Commission
      • Warden- Smt S. Kharmalki-
      • Parents Representative- Mrs. Alpha. Mary Kurbah
      • Students Representative -Ms Sanakaru Rymbai (6th Semester S1900633)Mr. Bankershanlang Lawai(6th Semester S1900640)
      • Shri A. Khriam – Office Staff
    • This Committee will be the supervisory committee that will on recommendations of the Anti Ragging Cell take up the decision in case Ragging incidents are reported. Further, the Committee will oversee the working of the Anti Ragging Cell set up by the College.
  • Anti Ragging Cell:
    • Under the Anti Ragging Committee, the Anti ragging Cell was set up to comprise of the following:
      • Convener: Smt. A.B. Basaiawmoit
      • Jt. Conveners: Smt. I. Kharkrang and Smt. S. Kharmalki (Hostel Warden)
        • Members:
            1. B. Wanniang,
            2. Shri T. Tiewsoh,
            3. G. R. Rumnong,
            4. S. Lato,
            5. P. Kipgen,
            6. B. P. Tripathi,
            7. A. Nongbri,
            8. Shri R. Hujon,
            9. Shri B. Dohling,
            10. Shri Augustine Khriam and
            11. P. Khonglah – IQAC Representative
            12. Sanakaru Rymbai (RollNo: S1900633)- Student Representative
            13. Bankyrshanlang Lyngdoh Lawai (RollNo: S1900640)- Student Representative