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Co-Curricular Academic Development Committee

Education along with Co-Curricular Activities helps in the holistic development of a student’s personality. The Co-Curricular Sub-Committee of Shillong College aims at inculcating a competitive spirit, cooperation and team spirit in the student community, to provide students with a lot of interesting and important experience outside the regular classrooms so as to boost their self confidence. Thus, apart from a keen focus on academic success, the committee tries to ensure personal development of the students.


  • Aim to develop academic temper amongst the students by inspiring them to attend workshops and interactive sessions.
  • To develop within the student the determination and dedication necessary to complete his/her goals.
  • To provide competitive opportunities for students by organizing quiz and seminars within and outside the college.

Convener: Dr. E. M. Pala

Jt. Conveners: Shri. L.M.Pariat, Shri. P.N.Jyrwa, Smt. B.Wanniang.

Members: : Smt. M.V.T Marwein, Dr. A.Lyngdoh, Smt. A.Diengdoh, Shri. P. Shabong, Shri. J.P.Swer, Smt. Banylla Syiemlieh, Smt. K.G. Nengnong, Shri. B.H.Diengdoh, Smt. Phindalariti Lyngdoh, Smt. J.Mishra, Dr. R.V.Diengdoh, Dr. S. Byrsat, Smt. Barisha Kharchandy, Smt. P.M.Kharbhih, Dr. (Mrs.) M.B.Lynser- IQAC Representative.

The committee is entrusted with organizing various activities for the students during the Annual College Week Celebrations like vegetable carving, floral arrangement, essay writing competition, short story writing, love letter writing, poetry writing in English and Khasi, sketching competition, painting competition, quiz and debate competitions.

This year the Annual College Week was organized after a two year gap due to the pandemic. It was held from the 9th to the 14th of May 2022. The theme of INFIGO for this year was Semper Ad Meliora- Always onward towards better things. The college witnessed active and enthusiastic participation of students from all streams to all the competitions arranged by the committee.

This year the topic for debate in Khasi was “Ka pule ka puthi ka dei kaba rai ia ka lawei ki samla”. Topic for debate in English was “Globalization has affected our local culture and traditions”. The topic for essay in Khasi was “Ki nongjied (voters) ki don ka bynta ka bakhraw kum ki nongsaindur ia ka jylla” and the same for English was “CUET: Its potential impact on the educational scenario in Meghalaya”. Topic for essay in Hindi was “Shiksha safalta ki kunji hain”. When it came to poetry, the topic for Khasi was “U shangkwai” and for English was “Your personal world” and for Hindi it was “Gyaan”. For quiz the participants were to prepare on “Incredible India- Destinations” (spiritual, heritage, places and culture). Flower arrangement competition was only with fresh flowers.





09th May 2022

Literary Section

  • Love Letter Writing

  • Poetry Writing

  • Short Story Writing

  • Essay Writing

02:00 PM – 04 : 30 PM

Room- C26

Room – C27

10th May 2022

  • Floral arrangement

  • Vegetable carving

  • Fruit carving

02:00 PM – 04: 30 PM

E.V.S Lab

Botany Lab

11th May 2022

  • Painting

  • Sketching

02:00 PM – 04: 30 PM

Room- C26

Room – C27

12th May 2022

  • Debate (Khasi)

  • Debate (English)

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
01:00 PM – 3:00 PM

College Conference Room

13th May 2022


10:00 AM – 01: 00 PM

College Conference Room

Scheduled programme of the Debate Committee for the Annual College Week, 2022.

Students concentrating on their paintings.

Students at work with their sketching.

Students busy with vegetable carving.

Participants getting ready for flower arrangement.

The quiz master, Sir. P.N.Jyrwa, with the finalist.

Audience engrossed with the quiz.

Few moments from the Khasi Debate.

Few moments from the Khasi Debate.

Few moments from the Khasi Debate.

Teachers handing over the certificates to the winners.

Teachers handing over the certificates to the winners.

Teachers handing over the certificates to the winners.

      • ENGLISH

1st prize – John Khatter (B.A.4th semester)

2nd prize - Rishan P. Rapsang (B.Com 6th semester)

      • KHASI

1st prize - Promise Shylla (B.A.2nd semester)

2nd prize - Hundamon Lyngdoh (B.A.6th semester)

3rd prize - Naphisabet Kharkongor (B.A.6th semester)

      • HINDI

1st prize - Deepshika Saikia (B.A.2nd semester)

2nd prize – Vaniessa Florence Kharumnuid (B.A. 2nd semester)


      • ENGLISH

1st prize - Nokzenketer Pongen (B.A.2nd semester)

2nd prize - Perfectly Suting (M.A. 2nd semester)

3rd prize - Abundance Marwein (B.A. 6th semester)

      • KHASI

1st prize - Rishanlang Nongrum (B.A.4th semester)

2nd prize - Samborlang Pde (B.A.2nd semester)

3rd prize - Daribia Mawrie (B.A. 2nd semester)

      • HINDI

1st prize - Deepshika Saikia (B.A. 2nd semester)


      • ENGLISH

1st prize - Aibansiewdor Kharbani (B.A. 2nd semester)

2nd prize - Janu Magar (B.A. 2nd semester)

3rd prize - Mebanjop Syiem (BSc. 2nd semester)

      • KHASI

1st prize - Haphishisha Nongsiej (B.Com 2nd semester)

2nd prize - Baremdor Sohtun (B.Com 2nd semester)

3rd prize - Samborlang Pde (B.A. 2nd semester)


1st prize ­- Bipin Sanasan (B.A 6th semester)

2nd prize - Sanaphi Kharjana (B.Com 2nd semester)

3rdprize - Rilen Daimari (B.A. 4th semester)


1st prize - Batiplem Tmung (B.A.6th semester)

2ndprize - Miki Maskut (XII Arts Morning)

3rd prize - Devinson Mawthoh (B.A.2nd semester)


1st prize - Jeremy Lyngdoh (XII Arts)

2nd prize- Reuben Maringmei (B.C.A 6th semester)

3rd prize - Naphibanroi Malngiang (BSc. 4th semester)


1st prize - Daribia Mawrie (B.A.2nd semester)

2nd prize - Lamkupar Jyrwa (XII Arts)

3rd prize - Daphinisha Nongrum (B.Com 6th semester)


1st prize - Donborlang Pohti (B.A.2nd semester)

2nd prize - Cordalicia N. Laloo (B.A.2nd semester)

3rd prize - Pobitra Boro (XII Commerce)



Best Humorist – Ashmita Deb (B.A. 6th semester)

1st prize - Ashmita Deb (B.A.6th semester)

2nd prize - Rishanlang Nongrum (B.A. 4th semester)

3rd prize - Naki Lara Kharbihkhiew (B.A. 6th semester)

    • KHASI

Best Speaker – Gerald Albert Kurbah (B.A.Pol. Sc)

1st prize - Rishanlang Nongrum (B.A.4th semester)

2nd prize - Pynshai Shabong (B.B.A.6th semester)

3rd prize - Wanjied Jala (B.A. 2nd semester)


1st prize - Midushi Dhar Choudary & Mebadondor Marwein (B.Com 4th 6th semester)

2nd prize - Esukmiki Talang & Lodestar Shadap (B.A 2nd semester Pol. Sc)

3rd prize - Robinstone Nongrang & Mosting Mynsong (BSc. 6th semester Chemistry)

    • Ashmita Deb and Naki Lara Kharbihkhiew 6th semester students of Shillong College participated in the 50th Meghalaya College Teacher’s Association Golden Jubilee Celebration. The RR Thomas Inter-College Debate Competition held at St. Anthony’s College on the 20th of July 2022.

Naki Lara Kharbihkhiew at the debate.

Ashmita Deb at the debate.

Participants of the debate.

  • Samborlang Pde and Esukmiki Talang of Shillong College participated in the 50th Meghalaya College Teachers Association Golden Jubilee Year Celebration-The Inter-College Quiz Competition held at Sankardev College on the 26th of July 2022.

Participants of the Inter-college Quiz.

Participants with the organisers and office bearers of the MCTA at Sankardev College.

  • A Two Day Webinar on “Importance of Wildlife Conservation and World of Indian Forest Service” was organized by the Committee in collaboration with the Office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Khasi Hills Wildlife Division, Shillong. The webinar was held on the 5th and 6th of October 2021 as part of the Wildlife Week Celebration 2021.

  • Flyer for the webinar.

Flyer for the webinar.

The guest speaker Smt. Anu.P.James, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer, Khasi Hills Wildlife Division, Shillong on the 1st day of the webinar explained the aims and objectives of Wildlife week and the importance of such a celebration to the cause of conservation.

Pictures of some icons of our state.

On the second day Smt. Anu .P.James described the milieu of the Civil Services Examination and the benefits as well as challenges facing those who clear it. She also outlined the stages of the examination and the rigours and challenges that an aspirant must expect to face at each juncture.

e-certificate given to participants of the webinar.

  • Inter- college quiz competition on the theme “50 years of Meghalaya: A trip down memory lane” on 21st of October 2021 was organized. Students from twelve different colleges and institutions took part in the competition. A talk on the theme of the quiz was delivered by Madam R.Pyngrope, Department of Political Science Shillong College. The winner’s of the quiz was St. Mary’s College, the 1st runners up were Martin Luther Christian University and the 2nd runners up were St. Edmund’s College. The winners were awarded cash prizes and all participants were given certificates.

    Welcome address by Sir. L.M.Pariat.

    Madam R.Pyngrope delivering her talk.

    Sir. P.N.Jyrwa, the quiz master with the teams who qualified for the final round.

    Participants of the Inter-college quiz.

    Prize distribution by Sir. S.Sarma, IQAC, Co-ordinator Shillong College.

    Photograph with the winners, St. Mary,s College.

  • Students of the College participated in the 8th Rev. J.J.M. Nichols Roy Memorial Inter-College Debate Competition “Inner line permit will protect the indigenous people of Meghalaya with regards to their identity” organized by Shillong Commerce College on the 14th of December 2021.

  • To commemorate the College Foundation Day as well as celebrate India’s 73rd year of Independence, an Inter-College Quiz Competition (U.G/P.G) with the theme “Revisiting India’s Struggle for Independence -The Role of Freedom Fighters” was organized on the 14th August 2019.

Some photographs from the quiz.

Some photographs from the quiz.

  • Debate on “Social media promotes Critical thinking” organized by Shillong Commerce College on the 17th of November 2018 was participated by the students.

Social media promotes critical thinking.

  • The Co-Curricular Academic Sub-committee along with the Cultural Sub-committee of the college organised a Flash Mob with the theme “Women’s Safety” on the 24th June 2017 at Police bazaar, Shillong.

Few photographs of the Flash mob.

Few photographs of the Flash mob.

  • Our students participated in a dialogue with the theme “I Envision My State (Meghalaya) as _____” organized by Women’s College on the 12th August 2016.

  • Student at the competition.

    Student at the competition.

  • Students participated in a poster making competition with the theme “Life in the jungle” organised by the Wildlife Division of the Forest Department, Government of Meghalaya to commemorate the “Wildlife Week Celebration” on the 18th October 2016.

  • In connection with the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, an Inter School Quiz Competition for the Higher Secondary Level was organized on the 16th September 2016 with the theme “The North East”.

  • Sir P.N.Jyrwa conducting the quiz.

    Winners of the Inter School Quiz.

  • Students participated in the Sixth Meghalaya Poetry Competition 2016.

  • Students participated in a debate competition on the 8th of November, 2016, on United Nations Day Celebrations.