The Information and Career Guidance Cell (ICGC) of the College was set up in 2003 in response to the need for student support services, particularly in catering to the need for career planning.


1. To provides guidance to the students towards career planning

2. To conducts various programmes such as workshops, seminars, awareness programmes etc. for the benefit of the students.

Convener: Smt. V. C. S. Dkhar
Jt. Convener: Shri S. O. Lyngskor and Smt. B. M. L. Wanswett.
Members: Dr. R. Dkhar, Dr. D. L. Buam, Shri S. Kharshandy, Smt. R. P. Pyngrope, Smt. A. Mitri, Smt. C. Kharsyntiew, Smt. S. Khongwar, Dr. D. R. Diengdoh, Smt. I. Diengdoh, Shri C. Syiemlieh and Smt  L. Kharbithai. IQAC Representative-Smt. P. Khonglah.