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Health Care Committee

The Health Care Committee was formed on 20/10/2009. The committee comprises of seven members including a professional nurse. The main aim of the committee is to create awareness to the entire college fraternity which includes students, teaching and non-teaching staff.

Objectives of Health Care Committee: 1. To make health an asset valued by the community. 2. Awakening health consciousness in the institution. 3. To build students’ knowledge, skills and positive attitudes about health.

Importance of Health Care services in Institution Health Care services are important in the institution in order to provide emergency care for illness or injury while at school or college, to ensure that all students get appropriate referrals to health care providers, to monitor for and control the spread of communicable diseases, to provide education and counselling in a variety of and wellness topics. In our institution, the health care centre is a basic health requirements which ensures that students and staffs are provided with basic medical attention. It is the responsibility of the committee to ensure that health awareness and health care facilities are provided to the entire college. Therefore, the Committee under the supervision of the college management created a Health Care Centre. Health Care Centre formed on 2009 is managed by a professional Nurse appointed by the college Governing Body. Medical services provided by the Health Care Centre includes treatment of minor illness and injuries and injuries and basic test such as Blood Pressure, weight, blood sugar etc.

Convener:  Smt. K. Lartang
Jt. Convener: Smt. L. M. Hek
Members: All HODs, Smt. D. N. Shabong, Smt. M. Diengdoh, Dr.Ibanlyngdoh, Shri H. Marwein, Smt. E. Kurkalang, Smt. A. Marbaniang,  Smt. J. Choudhury,Smt. IllarishishaWarjri and Smt. D. Kharmon and Dr. M.B. Lynser – IQAC Representative