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Entrepreneurship Development Cell


In close pursuance of the well defined  mission  of the college o provide, quality education and skill development for the students ….,” Shillong College pioneered  setting up the Entrepreneurship Development Cell on 10th August, 2011 to play the strategic role of both trainer and facilitator of entrepreneurship development.

The establishment of this Cell reflects the concern of the college to sensitize, motivate and train the educated  youths to become job creators and not job seekers.
Objectives of the Cell:                      
  • To create awareness, motivate and encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills and knowledge amongst students.
  • To identify the vast entrepreneurial resources that exists in the local environment that can be utilized for sustainable development.
  • To facilitate training programmes in collaboration with various organization of repute, having expertise in a wide range of appropriate technologies that will equip and subsequently empower students for self-employment.
  • To organize certificate or diploma courses that will serve as an added advantage to students for self-employment.
  • The Founder Members:
    • Convener: Dr (Mrs.) E.Kharkongor, Associate Professor, Department of Economics.
    • Joint Convener: Shri S. O.Lyngskor, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics.
  • Members:
    • Shri S. R. Nongkynrih, Head, Department of Commerce.
    • Shri L.Pariat, Assistant Professor, Department of English.
    • Shri M.W Synrem, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
    • Dr S. Sharma, Associate Professor, Department of Commerce.
    • Shri P.Kipgen, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce.
    • Smt. P.Khonglah, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce & Management.
    • Smt. S.Kharumnuid, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
  • Present Members:
    • Convener:  Dr.S Khyriemmujat
    • Jt. Convener: Smt. P. Khonglah and Smt. I. Khyriem
  • Members:   Dr Dhira Bhowmick, Shri Kenneth Umdor, Dr L M Jyrwa, Smt. S. Kharumnuid, Shri B. Nongbri, Shri. T. Warjri,  Smt I. Diengdoh, ,  Shri T. Tiewsoh, Dr B. Mawrie, Dr. Tiewri L. Nonglait,  Smti C. Kharsyntiew, Smti M Diengdoh, ,  Smti Amebari Kharkongor, Dr R.V Diengdoh, Dr L. Shadap, Dr I Lyngdoh, Smti Phindalariti Lyngdoh, Smti Balarishisha Nongkynrih and Dr. S.Sarma – IQAC Representative.