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Green Campus Development Committee

Green Campus Development Committee

Objective: The Green Campus Development Committee was constituted on May 2017. The main objectives of the Cell is to promote environmental awareness and facilitate action so as to work towards creating an environment friendly campus and to inculcate responsibility and commitment in students and staff, both at home and in the wider community.

Convener:   Smt. V. R. Solomon
Jt. Convener:  Dr. M. B. Lynser and Shri B. J. Mawrie.
Members: Dr. M. Dey, Dr. D. L. Buam, Shri L. M. Pariat, Shri S. K. Roy,
Smt. E. N. Dkhar, Dr. B. Wahlang, Smt. D. Lyngdoh, Dr. I. Lyngdoh, Shri M. Rynjah, Shri B. Mawrie, Dr. S. Khyriemmujat, Smt. K. M. A. Kharsohtun, Shri B. Nongbri, Smt. Batriti L. Nonglait, Smt. D. Kharmon, Shri B. H. Diengdoh, Smt. B. Kharchandy, Smt. Larica Pathaw and Smt. Angeline  Khongwir. IQAC Representative-Dr (Mrs.) E. Kharkongor.