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Student’s union

The Management of the College believes in democratic functioning of academic institutions and therefore, practices the same. It trains students to become bearers of culture and to uphold the basic tenets of democracy by getting them involved in various enriching activities. It was with this goal in mind that the Student’s Union was established in 1960 after 4 years of inception of the college.

The Union is called “Shillong College Students’ Union”, Shillong and The Address of the Union is at the Shillong College, Boyce Road, Laitumkhrah-793003.

The Objectives of the Union are:

  1. To encourage the participation and cooperation of the students in upholding the dignity and integrity of the College.
  2. To facilitate a proper representation of the student community in the College, with a view to bring about coordination and inclusive accord in the activities of the institution.
  3. To encourage the students to learn and build leadership skills by their participation in the activities of the Union.
  4. To ensure that the voice of the students shall be acknowledged and safeguarded for the purpose of the welfare of the students and the glory of the College.
  5. To instil upon the students the spirit of responsibility and diligence so they may grow up to become worthy citizens of this great nation, India.
  6. To infuse the spirit of harmony and peace among the student community without any distinctions, such as caste, creed, gender and/or community.
  7. To do all such other acts as are conducive and incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.

Membership of the Union is open to all bona-fide students of Shillong College (Higher Secondary and Under Graduate students). All members of the Union shall have to be current students and must have their names enrolled as students admitted by the College authority. 


(a) The Shillong College Students’ Union is a democratically elected body. The election is conducted by an Election Tribunal constituted by the College.

(b) Every class shall elect 2 Class Representatives, one each from both genders i.e. male & female.

(c) The Election Tribunal in consultation with the Principal shall notify suitable dates for (i) Election of Class Representatives, followed by (ii) Election of the Students’ Council, which shall comprise of office bearers of the Union. 

  • President: Principal (ex-officio).
  • Vice President: elected.
  • General Secretary: elected.
  • Assistant General Secretary: elected.
  • Music Secretary: elected.
  • Assistant Music Secretary: elected.
  • Sports Secretary: elected.
  • Assistant Sports Secretary: elected.
  • Debate Secretary: elected.
  • Assistant Debate Secretary – elected.
  • Discipline Secretary – 2 nos. – elected.
  • Assistant Discipline Secretary – 1 no. elected.
  • Editor (Student) College Magazine – elected.
  • Student Members of College Magazine Editorial Board: 3 nos. – Elected.
  • Secretary Boys’ Common Room – elected.
  • Secretary Girls’ Common Room – elected.
  • Representative to Women Cell – elected.


(d) The Presiding Officer of the Election Tribunal shall preside over the entire proceedings of the Election.

 (e) The Presiding Officer shall notify all necessary information and details thereof regarding date of election, filing of nominations, rules, and portfolios.

 (f) Interested students shall collect prescribed nomination forms from the College office on production of their ID and fee clearance receipt. The duly filled form shall be handed over to the Presiding Officer within a specified date and time. Only valid forms shall be entertained and considered for further processing. Incomplete forms shall be rejected.

 (g) The portfolios are as mentioned in clause 8 (c) of the bye-law. 

(h) The tenure of each office-bearer shall be 1 (one) academic year.

Activities of the Student Council


The Student Council takes the lead in extra-curricular activities in the college. The aim of engaging the students to these wide range of curricular and cultural activities will help in promoting the rich indigenous cultural heritage among the student community, to amalgamate with Indian traditions and philosophy, and in turn inculcating values and practices that would be necessary towards nation building. Through the extensive sports activities, the college inculcates the spirit  of professionalism and sportsmanship in the student, thus promoting peace, competition and progress. A few activities of the Student’s Union are: 


  • It organizes Freshers’ Social
  • Farewell party for final year students
  • Annual Week-long Social & Cultural fiesta, as regular programmes: This is an inter-class competition. These week long programme also includes individual and class-wise sports and games events. These activities promote students talent, creativity and skills at shouldering responsibilities, planning, organizing, and maintaining discipline, spirit of co-operation and competition in addition to money management and accountability.




College has allotted a room for the Students’ Union to conduct usual activities smoothly.  The Executive Committee meets often to chalk out its programmes.  Further, the Union takes part in other activities of the college like assisting the Administration during Admission process, conducting of seminars etc.; mainly acting as volunteers in maintaining discipline, cleanliness and many others.


Office Bearers 16-17

Office Bearers 17-18

Office Bearers 18-19

Office Bearers 19-20

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