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Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

Research Innovation and Publication Cell, Shillong College

Research and Development are the catalyst for creativity and innovations. They play a crucial role in the context of Higher education which faces the challenges of globalization and competition in the present day. Since its inception the Research Innovation and Publication Cell has played a key role in encouraging more research and innovation through projects sponsored by the college since 2009 onwards. Major reasons for constituting the Cell is attributable to the fact that proficiency in Research methodologies and method provides its learners an asset which is helpful in terms of all spheres of life be it teaching, market research, public opinion poll, communication studies, advertisement, book publishing, developmental projects administration, personnel management, clinical, occupational and educational psychology and a host of others.

There is currently a growing professional and commercial demand for graduates who have qualifications to carry out research. The reason for such a demand is related to the fact that the global spread of industrialism coupled technological revolution in the present day has vastly expanded the scope of Research. Keeping these factors in mind and in the ever changing ever evolving dynamics of research particularly in academia, the Research Innovation and Publication Cell Shillong College aims to encourage and inculcate in its faculty as well as students the scientific temper.

The Aims and Objectives of the Research and Publication Cell are:

  1. To promote research activity of students and teachers.
  2. To empower teachers and learners to acquire more knowledge.
  3. To open opportunities to collaborate with institutions, organisation, corporates in and outside the country.
  4. To encourage analytical, practical and observation skills in the young minds in the scientific research.
  5. To introduce innovative mind in students in order to develop a learner-centric approach.
  6. To develop and improve skills more than just acquiring knowledge.
  7. To promote the spirit of scientific enquiry among teachers and students.
  8. To create awareness about the various schemes and sponsorships provided by the State and Central Government agencies for major and minor research projects for teachers.
  9. To encourage students to participate and present their findings in scientific gatherings such as seminars, workshop, exhibitions at the college level.
  10. To facilitate learning outside the classroom through field work, study tour, projects among students.
Financial Support for Projects: Currently, the College Management has enhanced the total allocation for pursuing College Funded Minor Research Projects (MRP ) by teaching staff from 2 lakhs to 4 lakhs per annum. Henceforth, a teacher can utilise a maximum of Rs 50,000 for one project. This has come into effect from April 2019. All research projects recommended by the Screening Committee of the Research Innovation and Publication Cell are submitted to the Principal for the release of grants.


Guidelines/Rules & Regulations for College Minor Project
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Founding Members
At its inception, in the year 2009, under the dynamic leadership of the former principal, Dr (Mrs) M. P. R. Lyngdoh the college authorities felt the need to create an aptitude for research amongst students and encourage teachers to undertake minor research activities in the college. This lead to the creation of a “Research Committee” to pursue the objectives with different departments of the college. The following teachers were the founder members of the cell:
Convener: Dr (Miss) R. Dkhar Department of Education
Joint Convener: Dr C. Masharing Department of Chemistry
Member: Shri S. Sarma Department of Commerce
Member: Shri S. Goswami Department of Statistics
Member: Shri G. Rumnong Department of English
Member: Smt. P. Kharkrang Department of Microbiology

Present Members:

Convener:  Dr. B. M. Laloo
Jt. Convener: Dr. S. Khongwir and Dr.  S. Khyriemmujat

Members: Dr. H. Iangrai, Dr. L. M. Jyrwa, Smt. P. Kharkrang, Dr.S Pandey, Dr. A. Lyngdoh, Dr. C. Marsharing, Dr. M. B. Lynser, Dr. H. Diengdoh, Shri B. Mawrie, Dr. E. M. Pala, Dr. S. Pandey, Dr. S. Sarma – IQAC Representative,