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ICT Development Cell

To keep abreast with the changing dynamics of information technology in higher education, Shillong College felt the need to create its own website and the Department of Computer Science & Applications was given the responsibility to take up the task. In 2010 the Shillong College Website was thus created by Shri B. Mukhim & Smt. A. Mitri, faculties of the department. The Department of Computer Science & Applications would monitor and update information on the website in close coordination with the IQAC Coordinator. Later on in 2011-12, the college established the Website Maintenance Cell which was then renamed as the Website Maintenance and ICT Development Cell on 24th May, 2018.

Objectives of the Cell:
  1. To look after the ICT requirements of the College as well as maintenance and updating of the college website.
  2. To provide ICT related support and information to the College.
  3. To impart knowledge and training to all the staff members of the college concerning activities in Information Technology and to equip them with all the required tools necessary.
Convener:  Shri B. Mukhim
Jt. Convener: Shri. T. Warjri, Shri J. Swer and Shri. P. N. Jyrwa.
Members: Smt. I. Sun, Smt. I. Kharmawphlang, Shri. Ransly Hoojon, Smt. M. S. Umwi, Smt. R. Tham, Smt. J. Mishra, Smt. A. Marbaniang, Shri J. R. Kharkrang, Shri. M. Lyngdoh (Office), Shri. A. Sawian and Shri Bradley Rymbai and Smt. A. Mitri - IQAC Representative
  1. Since its inception the Cell has been maintaining and updating the college website and has been conducting programmes to achieve its objectives. Besides conducting a survey on requirements of ICT equipments in classrooms and for their maintenance the Cell has also organized other activities and a brief highlight of its activities are:
Sl. No. Name of the Programme Dates Number of Participants Funding Agency2
1. Capacity Building on ICT for faculties 29th April to 2ndMay,2019. 68 Shillong College
2. Tally training of Office Staffs February 2020 15 Shillong College

Report on the Capacity Building Programme on ICT Usage

The Capacity Building Programme on ICT for teaching faculty was conducted by the Website Maintenance and ICT cell, Shillong College from the 29th April to 2nd May 2019. The main aim of this programme is to improve the teaching learning process among the faculties so that they can adopt ICT teaching methods and 68 faculties from various departments of the College participated in the training programme. There were four groups and a total of five departments were allotted to each group. The programme was divided into two sessions and the details of the programme conducted are shown below:-
Time Topic Instructors
9:00 a.m to 11:15 a.m 1.E-content 2.MS PowerPoint (a)Creating slides (b)Slide design (c)Animation (d)Slide show demonstration Aiom Mitri, P. N. Jyrwa, I. Sun, J. Swer,T.Warjri,M. S. Umwi
11:15 a.m – 1:15 Basics of Internet (a)Introduction (b)Web browsing (c)Basics of e-mail R. Hoojon, T.Warjri, J.Swer, I. Kharmawphlang, J. Kharkrang