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Disaster Risk Management Committee

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya in recent years have witnessed disasters of different types; some of which are natural in nature while some are man – made. These disasters have resulted in the loss of life and property and have affected our day – to – day activities thereby causing immense hardship and misery to the affected. Incidence of natural disaster is impossible to stop but their impact can be minimised if we can reduce the vulnerability and the exposure. Keeping this in mind, Shillong College constituted the Disaster Risk Management Committee in August 2019  to create a culture of disaster preparedness among the teachers and students of the college. Objectives:
  1. Address pre – existing risks
  2. Avoid construction of new risk.
  3. To sensitize and create an awareness in the college about disaster preparedness.
  4. To create an awareness about the disaster mitigation process among the various stakeholders.
  5. Long-term planning for particular disaster to reduce its risk
  6. Enhance disaster preparedness for effective response
Convener:   Shri D. M. Syiem
Jt. Conveners: Shri B. Nongbri and Dr.Tiewri L. Nonglait
Dr. B. P. Tripathi, Shri M. W. Synrem, Dr. Batriti Nongbri, Dr. I. Makhroh, Smt. O. L. Syiemlieh, Smt. L. Hek, Shri B. Dohling, Smt. B. Syiemlieh, Dr. S. Sarma, Shri Donald R. Mawkhlieng and Shri Kolanjunes Diengdoh