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Shillong College Gymnasium

Shillong College which has always been the forerunner in different sports discipline focussed on the importance of physical fitness and healthy lifestyles. To achieve this objective, the college established the gymnasium with well-equipped exercise equipment’s of different top brands with modern technologies. The gymnasium was inaugurated in the year 2007 and the Department of Physical Education and the Sports Development Cell oversees the functioning of the college gymnasium. At present, many students and staffs of the college as well as gym enthusiast from outside have enrolled themselves in the gymnasium under the supervision of gym instructors Shri Sunny B. Warjri and Shri P.M. Moksha.


  • To maintain a healthy physical and mental order of the body. To help boosting up self-esteem and coping with stressful situations.
  • To help students overcome the early consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle, among other problems.
  • To maintain and manage the fitness of every students of the college.
  • To help the students understand the benefits of healthiness.
  • To help strengthen their cognitive skills, improve their stamina and physical endurance, build confidence, as well as stay away from the ill-effects associated with fast-food overindulgence, smoking, drinking, drugs, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases.
  • To help developing an outlook of how to plan, execute, and sidestep barriers that
    materialize in their path.
  • To bring about a disciplined life.
  • To nurture the concern for a healthy environment in the college campus.

In-Charge: Sports Development Cell&Department of Physical Education

Members of Sports Development Cell:

Convener: Shri S. Kharchandy
Joint Conveners: Shri S.Lato, Shri G.R. Rumnong, Dr. C. Marsharing, Shri D. Shadap, Dr. S. Sarma, Dr. S. Khongwir, Shri K. Umdor ,Shri M. Rynjah, Shri P.N.Jyrwa,Shri C. Syiemlieh,Smt. I.S.Kharkongor& Smt. O.L.Syiemlieh.
Members: Smt. A.Diengdoh, Shri D.M.Syiem, Shri Z.Pautu, Shri A. Khanduri,Smt. R.J.Tham,ShriP.M.Moksha, Shri S.B.Warjri, Shri B.H.Diengdoh& IQAC representative.

Department of Physical Education:

Shri Cleverson Syiemlieh (HOD)

Shri Sunny Born Warjri

Shri Pynshngainlang Moksha