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Rangers & Rovers

Shillong College Rovers and Rangers Team was established on 17th October 2003. The total number of members is 45 and the team include seven (7) Rovers and Rangers Leaders, the number of Rovers is four (4) Patrols and Number of Rangers is also four (4) Patrols

Motto- Seva (service)


  1. To develop character & integrity, intelligence, and skill development.
  2. To render service to the community and citizenship
Conveners: Smt. R. Pyngrope,
Joint Conveners: Smt. I. S. Kharkongor and Shri R. Hujon
Members: Shri Zoliansanga, Smt. B. M. L. Wanswett, Smt. Omega L. Syiemlieh, Smt. K. G. Nengnong, Smt. Daphi I. Kharmon, Shri D. Thabah,Shri Ebor Niang,