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1Late Shri Sudhindra Chandra Dutta ( Founder Principal)
15-08-1956 to 31-08-1970
2Late Shri Suddhabrata Bhattacharjee
01-09-1970 to 31-05-1973
3Late Shri Dhruba S. Rawat
06-1973 to 31-10-1990
4Late Shri Kanai Lal Chaudhury
01-11-1990 to 31-03-1995
5Late Shri Tapan Moitra
Officiating Principal

01-04-1995 to 31-10-1996
6Dr. (Mrs.) M. P. R. Lyngdoh
01-11-1996 to 31-12-2010
7Dr. Malay Dey
Officiating Principal
01-01-2011 to 30-06-2011
8Dr. K. D. Ramsiej
01-07-2011 to 31-12-2018
9Dr. Malay Dey
In-charge Principal
01-01-2019 to 30-06-20
10Shri K.D. Roy In-charge Principal01-07-2020 to 31-10-2020
11Dr.(Mrs) E.Kharkongor01-11-2020-
1Late Shri Tapan Moitra
01-11-1996 to 31-03-2000
2Shri Bankim Ch. Goswami
01-04-2000 to 28-02-2001
3Shri Umesh Ch. Kakati
01-03-2001 to 31-08-2001
4Shri Ranjit Kr. Datta
01-09-2001 to 31-08-2003
5Shri Nirmal Kr. Sarkar
01-09-2003 to 28-02-2005
6Shri Durbadal Mukherjee
01-03-2005 to 31-03-2008
7Smt. Rekha Devi
01-04-08 to 31-08-08
8Dr. Malay Dey
01-09-2008 to 31-12-18
9Shri Kallol Dutta Roy05-08-2019 to 31-07-2022
10Shri B. Syiem
01-08-2022 till date
VICE PRINCIPALS (Self Financed Courses)

1Dr. Sudhir Kr. Gupta
01-06-2004 to 31-07-2008
2Shri Kallol Dutta Roy
01-08-2008 to 04-09-2019
3Shri B. Syiem05-09-2019 to 27-10-2022
4Shri H. Iangrai28-10-2022 to 31-01-2023
5Smt. E.N. Dkhar01-02-2023 till date
Name Designation
Prof. Bekington Myrboh
Dr.(Mrs) E. KharkongorPrincipal & Secretary
Shri. B SyiemVice Principal, Jt.Secretary
Shri. L. PathawMember
Director/Niminee, DHTEMember
Prof. Ghanashyam Bez,Chemistry Department ,NEHU, RepresentativeMember
Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra, Political Science, NEHU, RepresentativeMember
Dr.(Mrs).V.Kharmawphlang, Principal CTE(PGT) ShillongMember
Smt. Bounty M. Shylla, Donors'RepresentativeMember
Shri. J.S.Cajee Reputed Architech & Prominent CitizenMember
Dr.(Mrs.)H.Diengdoh, Lecturer, Dept of Education, Shillong College Teacher's RepresentativeMember
Prof. M.W. Synrem,Lecturer, Dept of Mathematics, Shillong College Teacher's RepresentativeMember
Shri J.B.Masar, Retired Principal,Shillong Commerce CollegeMember
Shri P.S. Nianglang, Parents/Guardians' RepresentativeMember
Shri Alpha Mary Warbah,
Parents/Guardians' Representative