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The teaching of Economics in Shillong College started since the inception of the college in 1956. There were three teachers in the beginning, (L) Prof. K. L. Choudhury, (L) Prof. T. Moitra and Prof. R. Bhatacharjee. Initially Economics and Political Science were clubbed together as one subject and was called Political Economy. In the year 1963, a full-fledged Department of Economics was created, and honors in the subject was introduced. Since then the department has been catering to the needs of thousands of students taking economics both as pass course and honors subject.

(L) Prof. K. L. Choudhury was the Head of the Department since its inception and later became Principal of the college in 1990. He continued to serve in the post until his retirement in the year 1995 after putting 39 years of dedicated service to the college. (L) Prof. T. Moitra became Head of the Department in 1991 and later also took charge as the first Vice-Principal of the college in 1996 until his retirement in 2000. He had also served as the Principal In-charge from May 1995 to October 1996. Prof. R. Bhatacharjee took charge as the Head of the Department in 1999 until her resignation for higher assignment in the National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi in the year 2000. Following this, the senior most teacher, Prof. B. Syiem took over as the Head of the Department. He is also the Vice Principal of Professional Courses since August 2019. Dr. Natalie West Kharkongor who was previously one of the teachers in the department had resigned and joined the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong in 2009. Shri. L. Pathaw a faculty member is the Honorary Principal of the Higher Secondary Education of the college since 1stJanuary, 2019 whilst Dr. EvakorlangKharkongor is also the IQAC Coordinator since July 2016.

From a humble beginning, the department is able to make good progress in catering to the academic requirements of the students’ community of Shillong in particular and the State in general.The cut-off marks for admission to first year B.A major is normally fixed at 60% although in some years relaxation has to be made due to certain considerations. Academically the performance of students both in the plus two level and degree courses is satisfactory.

NameEducational QualificationWorking sincee-mail 
Shri B. Syiem (Head)M.A,29-10-1991[email protected]
Shri L. PathawM.A.06-09-1994[email protected]
Dr.(Smt.) E. KharkongorM. A.,NET,M.Phil,,Phd.19-09-1994[email protected]
Smt. I. S. KharkongorM.A. ,NET06-09-2000[email protected]
Shri S. O. LyngskorM.A. NET05-09-2000[email protected]
Smt. S. KharumnuidM.A. ,NET17-06-2009[email protected]
Smt. IlarishishaWarjriM.A. ,NET01-07-2014[email protected]
Smt. Phidamon LasoM.A01-07-2019[email protected]