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Environmental Science

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The Department of Environmental Science (initially the Department of Environmental Studies), Shillong College was established in the year 2009. During its initial years, the Department solely catered to the need of under graduate students of all streams by teaching the compulsory subject Environmental Studies as directed by the Honourable Supreme Court. Later, in view of the varying environmental issues and problems prevalent in today's world, the vast scope of the subject, its limited representation in the region and the keen interest of the students, an honours programme in the subject was offered from the academic session 2017. The Department will continue to strive for excellence and contribute to the healthy and positive growth of the academic environment not only in the college, but in society and the nation as a whole.

In its initial years the responsibility of teaching the subject was solely carried out by Dr. M.B. Lynser who joined the college in the year 2009. With the growth of the college and increased number of students Dr. B.J. Mawrie joined the college in the year 2014 to share the responsibility. The two teachers under the guidance of the college management pursued for the establishment of a full-fledged Department which came to fruition in the year 2017. To ensure the smooth functioning of this new Department Shri B.H. Diengdoh joined the college in the year 2017 followed by Dr. B. Nongbri in 2018 and Dr. T. L. Nonglait in the year 2019. Aims and Objectives of the Department:

The main aim of the department is to bring to the fore the importance of Environmental Science as a subject of learning. The department tirelessly works towards attracting the younger generation to this subject matter which holds great importance as well as scope. It focuses its endeavors to educate young minds towards being more environmentally conscious and bring about an eco-centric change in attitudes and actions of the younger generations. A major objective of the Department is to equip its students with proper knowledge, skills and training to be able to serve society in best way possible.

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Dr. (Smt.) M. B. Lynser(Head)

M.Sc (Env. Sc), Ph.D, NET

[email protected]
Dr. Balawan Joshua Mawrie

M.Sc (Env. Sc), Ph.D, NET

03-09-2014[email protected]
Dr.(Smt) B. NongbriM.Sc (Env. Sc), Ph.D.
10-07-2019[email protected]
Shri. B. H. DiengdohM.Sc (Env. Sc), NET
Ph.D (ongoing)
15-05-2017[email protected]
Dr(Smt). T. L. NonglaitM.Sc (Env. Sc), Ph.DNET.04-02-2019[email protected]
B.Sc (Environmental Science)