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The Department of Hindi was established in 1966. The first lecturer in the department was Shri Ratan Palit (Lecturer in Lady Keane College), who taught Hindi as a part-time teacher. Hindi was taught in Pre-University and Degree level. In the early seventies, Shri J.P.Khanduri (Lecturer in St. Anthony’s College) taught Hindi as a part- time teacher. In 1975, Shri Ajit Kumar Gurung joined the department as the first permanent teacher, after a brief stint as a part time teacher. After his death in 2000, while in service, Ms Khairunnisa taught in the department for a year. In 2001, Dr (Mrs) Shruti Pandey joined the department as a regular lecturer. At present, she is the only faculty teaching in the department. A part- time teacher, Ms. Habada Phylla Kharjana, joined the Department in 2016 and taught till December 2018. Ms Daiaphira Kharsati, joined the Department as a part-time teacher in February, 2019. Shri. Ehsing Khiewtam, joined the department, as a part-time teacher, in November, 2020. At present, the Department is offering Honours, Elective and MIL Courses.

NameEducational QualificationWorking sincee-mail 
Dr. Shruti Pandey(Head)M.A., Ph.D07-07-2001[email protected]
Ms Habada Phylla Kharjana M.A. July 2016-Feb 2018
Ms Daiaphira Kharsati M.A., M.Phil, enrolled in Ph.D
[email protected]
Feb 2019

M.A., M.Phil, enrolled in Ph.DFeb 2019[email protected]
Shri Ehsing KhiewtamM.A.,M.Phil, NETNov 2020[email protected]
B.A. Hindi