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Hindi Department

The Department of Hindi was established in 1966, after the need to introduce Hindi as a language subject was felt by the college. In the early years, the Department was managed by part-time teachers like Shri Ratan Palit (Lecturer in Lady Keane College), and Shri J.P. Khanduri (Lecturer in St. Anthony’s College). In 1975, Shri Ajit Kumar Gurung joined the Department as the first regular faculty and continued his service till his untimely death in 2000. In 2001, Dr (Mrs) Shruti Pandey, an alumni of Banaras Hindu University, joined the Department as a regular faculty. Currently, Ms Daiaphira Kharsati, Shri Ehsing Khiewtam and Shri Easterson Sohtun are also serving the Department. The faculty are dedicated, well trained and research-oriented. The Department of Hindi is catering to the needs of the students of Meghalaya and also other states of the North –East. The Department has a record of impressive student achievement and excellent result in the University Examinations.

The Department of Hindi is offering Honours, Elective and MIL Courses. It is the first to introduce Honours in Hindi in the state of Meghalaya. The Department plays a significant role in enabling the students from Meghalaya to develop proficiency in a language that is widely used in government administration, business and academia. This proficiency can open up a wider range of employment opportunities, both within Meghalaya and across India. It also makes efforts to promote the role of Hindi as a medium of communication and understanding among diverse linguistic communities.

The Department offers several benefits. It enables the students of Meghalaya to communicate with a broader audience across India and facilitates interaction with people from various regions, fostering cultural exchange and harmony. It also promotes intercultural dialogue, tolerance and mutual respect, fostering a sense of unity among students from different linguistic backgrounds.

NameEducational QualificationWorking sincee-mail
Dr. Shruti Pandey(Head)M.A.(Hindi),MA
(Linguistics) NET, Ph.D
7th July 2001[email protected]
Ms Daiaphira KharsatiM.A., M.Phil, pursuing Ph.DFeb 2019[email protected]
Shri Ehsing KhiewtamM.A.,M.Phil, NET
pursuing Ph.D
March 2022[email protected]
Shri Easterson SohtunM.A.,M.Phil, NET
pursuing Ph.D
March 2023[email protected]
B.A. Hindi