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Placement Cell

Objectives: To train and facilitate employability skills among students and their subsequent placement.
Convener: Smt. A. Mitri
Jt. Convener: Smt. I. Sun, Smt. I. Diengdoh and Smt. M. S. Umwi.
Members: Shri. P. Kipgen, Shri. P. N. Jyrwa, Shri S. O. Lyngskor, Smt. I. Kharmawphlang, Dr. B. P. Tripathi, Shri. T. S. Warjri, Shri K. Umdor, ShriR. Hujon, Smt. I. Khyriem, , Smt. S. Kharumnuid, Smt. I. S. Kharkongor and Smt. P. Khonglah – IQAC Representative