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The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College was establishedon the 22nd July 1963, along with other science departments, under the supervision of the founder Principal, (Late) Shri S. C. Datta in whose name the Memorial Lecture of the Department of Chemistry is being organized this year 2020. In its infancy, the Department had a humble beginning when Dr P. V. R. Rao (Lecturer, Lady Keane College) was looking after the department as a part-time teacher and later joined by Shri Kalipada Nath as the Demonstrator. The Department got its impetus when Shri Puroshottam Deb joined in March 1964 as the first regular full-time faculty who served in the department for just 25 years but due to  his premature death in 1989,  Dr. Sudhir Kr. Gupta took over as the Head of the Department and served till his retirement on 31st January, 2006, when Shri TeibimJalaKharbhih became Head of the Department and due to retire in 2018, Dr C.Masharing joined in  place of Dr S.K.Gupta in 2006 and Shri K.Umdor joined in   the year 2003.HoweverShri Kharbhih could not remain for long as Head due to hissudden demise on 26th November 2012 while in service.  Since then DrManabendra Nath Bhattacharjee took over as Head of the Department till his retirement in June 2016,  after his retirement  Dr D.L.Buam, took over as Head of the Department in 2016 due to the changes that took place though she was due to be Head from 2018. With the retirement of the former Heads of Department, new staff have been appointed in the Department of Chemistry after 2013. Dr B.M.Laloo joined in 2013 in the post of Late Shri T.J.Kharbhih, Dr B.Wahlang joined in the post of Dr M.N.Bhattacharjee. Smt L. Pathaw and Shri M.Dkhar have been appointed for the Higher Secondary Section, and there were part timers who joined from time to time to lend a helping hand, Dr M.Gashnga,  Dr S.Basu, Dr D. Kurbah , Dr I.Syiemlieh
During its formative part many senior teachers from adjoining colleges taught in the department on part-time basis, and these included Shri S. N. Paul, Shri B. H. Roy Choudhury, Shri S. C. Sinha – all from St. Anthony’s College, Dr. A. Hom Choudhury and Shri M. Kalita from St. Edmund’s Collegeand many others . Shri R. Bhattacharjee was the demonstrator who had retired in 2002.  Dr. H. P.Choudhury and Dr. Rathin Ch. Das served as regular teachers during 1965-66 and 1970-75 respectively.  Shri E. R. Solomon  was also a lecturer in the department  during the year 1982-83.Many teachers have rendered their services to the college on part-time basis even on present day depending on the work load and requirement of the Department.
The Department had an efficient laboratory attendant, Shri ChobilalShashroi Nikhil Prmawho passed away in 1998, Shri Tulsi Ram Fulleland  Shri Nikhil Paul also served as laboratory attendant during 1980s.  At present, there are two laboratory attendants - Shri R. Kharkongor and Smt K. Warjri  who are  helping the  teaching staff  in the  laboratory work. Due to the laborious work for both the Degree and Higher Secondary courses, in 2019, Shri Jim Wilson Pathaw joined as laboratory attendant for the Higher Secondary Courses.
The Department of Chemistry took major initiative in celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Teaching Science inShillong College with a year-long programme during 2013-14 which was organized by all Science Departments.  The programme included International Seminar on “Attracting Best Talents in Basic Science”, Science Exhibitions, Students Science Seminar, various competitions, and many others. One of the major achievements of the Department was  in organizing a National Seminar on the Theme  ‘Exploring Recent Advances in Chemistry in Service for Mankind’  on 30th and 31st July 2015, which saw the convergence of many scientists and academicians from various part of the country.
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Dr.(Smt.) D. L. Buam, (Head)

M. Sc. Ph. D.


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Shri Kenneth Umdor

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Dr. Cheerfulman Masharing

M. Sc. Ph. D.


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Dr. (Smt.) Badaker M. Laloo

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Dr. (Smt.) Barisha Wahlang

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Smt. L. PathawM.Sc[email protected]
Shri M. Dkhar[email protected]
The Department of Chemistry is actively involved in research activities. Since 2006, the department has encouraged its students to take up small scale research projects and these student projects have been incorporated as part of the  NEHU prescribed curriculum for final semester students. Over the years students have shown keen interest in carrying out small scale experiment based projects and have successfully presented their findings in the department seminars. Awareness for research among students is further honed by taking students on study tours of facilities where they gain first-hand knowledge in application, instrumentation and general information related to their subject.

The faculty of the department of chemistry are also actively involved in Research activities. The faculty members have taken up College minor research projects as well as UGC-Minor Research Projects.

The department has completed 3 UGC sponsored Minor Research Projects and 3 College sponsored Minor projects

At present, the department is involved in 2 college Minor Research projects
2016 onwards
    1. Interactive talk delivered by Professor H.P Roy Choudhary, former faculty of Department of Chemistry Shillong College, organized by department of Chemistry on 7th March 2016.
  1. The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College organized a programme in honour of the outgoing Head of Department, DrM.N.Bhattacharjee on 1st July 2016.
  1. The Hons students, Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organised a programme to commemorate Teachers’ Day on the 5th September 2016.
  1. The Departments of Chemistry & Environmental Studies, Shillong College organised a one day Seminar on the Theme, ‘Understanding Seismic Activity’ on the 9th September 2016.
  1. The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organized a programme to observe Silver Jubilee of Dr D.L.Buam on the 12th November 2016.
  1. The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organised a field trip involving all Chemistry Honours students to IMD, IIGS and BRDC, Upper Shillong on the 25th November 2016.
  1. The Students, Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organized a programme to release the Chemistry anthem CD on the 7th December 2016.
  1. The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organized a programme to release the volume of the National Seminar on Recent Advances in Chemistry held in July 2015, the book entitled, ‘Exploring Chemistry- Interface with Human Welfare’ on the 14th December 2016.
  1. The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organised a field trip involving all Chemistry Honours students to Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board, Lumpyngngad and the Milk Producer Society, Umlyngka, Upper Shillong on the 6th December 2018.
    1. The Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organized a one day study tour programme on the 29th October 2019 for the VI Semester students of Chemistry to the Meghalaya Milk Processing Centre, Na Ri, Mawiong and the North Eastern Space Application Centre, Umiam on the 29th October 2019.
  1. Department of Chemistry, Shillong College had organized the (Lt) S.C Dutta Memorial Lecture Program on the Theme ‘Onward with Chemistry’ on the 11th November 2020.