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The Faculty English Shillong College,are alumni of various prestigious universities of the country. Besides being keen and enthusiastic academicians they are also known for their proficiency in various fields like music,sports,visual arts and mass media.Both PG and UG Programmes ( English) are offered by the Department.PG (English) Programme was started in the year 2018. The Department came into existence in 1956.Late Rajendra Lal Choudhury was the first teacher of English in the college.During its sixty four year long existence the Department has seen contributions of various greats like (Lt)Prof G.G.Swell,Prof Kapila Chatterjee,Prof S.B.Bhattacharjee ,Prof B.N.Nanda,Prof Sambhu Banerjee,Prof Dipali Chakraborty,Prof Jagadish Purkayastha,Dr S.B.Sengupta,Prof N.K.Sarkar and Prof S.R.Das who helped the department attain its present stature. Currently there are three Associate Professors and five Assistant Professors in the Department besides three Visiting Faculty in the PG section. Dr.Dhira Bhowmick is the Head of both the UG and PG Sections. Professional trainers are engaged for the hi tech Language Lab.

NameEducational Qualification

Working since

Dr. Mrs. Dhira Bhowmick, (Head)

M. A. , Ph.D ,M.Phil04-07-1996[email protected]
Smt. B. WanniangM. A. 20-08-1996[email protected]
Smt. I. S. WarjriM. A.

02-08-1997[email protected]
Shri L. M. PariatM.A , M.Phil.30-07-1999[email protected]
Smt. G. J. DkharM. A., Ph.D, NET01-08-2005[email protected]
Smt. A. B.
M. A. , NET01-08-2005[email protected]
Shri Gavett R. RumnongM. A. ,M. Phil.05-07-2008[email protected]
Smt. E. C. NongkhlawM.A., M.Phil01.09.2017[email protected]
Dr Grace AonokPh.D(NEHU)17.02.2020[email protected]
Dr Deisami SumerPh.D(NEHU)04.03.2020[email protected]
Smt Hakani LalooSubmitted Ph.D thesis11.03.2020[email protected]