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The Department of Education in Shillong College was started a few years after the establishment of the college with part time teachers like Shri P. Gupta, Shri. S. Majumdar and some others who managed the Department. Shri Nani Gopal Goswami joined as the first regular teacher of the Department on 9th August 1961 but expired while in service in the year 1993. Shri. Baidyanath Bhattacharjee joined in the year 1963 and retired from service in the early eighties. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Lyndem entered service in the Department in the year 1964 but left the college in the year 1990 on having been appointed in the North Eastern Hill University. Mrs. O. Kharkongor joined the Department in the year 1983 as a Lecturer, and served as Head of Department from the year 1993 till her retirement on 30th November 2013. Dr (Miss) R. Dkhar joined on the 5th July 1985 and shouldered the responsibility as Head of Department from 2013 to 2019. Dr H. Iangrai joined as Lecturer on 29th October 1991 and had taken the Headship on the 1st January 2020. Dr (Ms) H. Diengdoh joined the Department in 9th September, 1994 and Ms B. M. L. Wanswet helped the Department since 2010 and joined as regular teacher on the 16th December 2014. It may be placed on record that Ms P. Lyngdoh, M.A. in Education who was also an ex-student of the College has been supporting the Department in times of need. Besides teaching, the teachers also undertake field studies, surveys and minor research projects. H. Iangrai conducted a study on Role of Khasi Women in the Changing Society in the year 2010 and is currently undertaking a study on the problems faced by students in the area of Post Matric Scholarship. Other studies were on the utilization of Public Distribution system in collaboration with Deputy Commissioner (Supply) and on Socio Economic status in collaboration with NSS, NEHU in many areas of Khasi Hills District. Dr (Mrs) H.Diengdoh contributed an article entitled “Women’s Reservation Bill- Some Observations” which was published in a book entitled “Women’s White Canvas – Issues and Challenges” in 2015. Ms. B.M.L Wanswett and Ms. K.G. Nengnong jointly conducted and completed another institutional minor research project on Learning Difficulties of Students at the Higher Secondary Stage of Education in Shillong in 2019. The Department has been catering to the needs of the students at the Pre University level and Undergraduate level since 1996, both in General and Honours. All the teachers are adequately qualified as per the UGC norms and have proven to be sincere and hardworking. They are involved in many scholarly activities for the improvement of their professional competency. The teachers take extra care and interest to meet the requirements of the students and the academic environment of the Department and in creating a congenial atmosphere for learning. The overall performance of the students of the Department has been very satisfactory considering the fact that the Department has been allowing students to take up Honours in the subject with a bare minimum of 45 per cent at the entry level as per the admission criteria of the university. The Department has achieved a pass percentage of 100% in the year 2007, 2008, 2012 and 2014 B.A (Education) Honours examination conducted by the university. The Department continues to aspire towards better educational activities and works towards networking in order to equip the students with knowledge, skills, and a positive attitude in effectively leading society to a brighter, successful future.

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Dr. Hesemaiah Iangrai(Head)M.A , Ph. D30-10-1991[email protected]
Dr. Hiramon DiengdohM.A , B. Ed , Ph. D09-09-1994[email protected]
Smt. Bahun Mery Lang WanswettM.A , NET16-12-2014[email protected]